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The aims of the NGO “Radošuma pils” (in Eng. Creativity castle) is to support the youth initiatives in the way they bec ome active and responsible citizens, to encourage the youth and the youth workers to become more motivated, creative and entrepreneurial. “Radosuma pils” integrates the good practice of business, science and research in to the informal education so that these methods would be more interesting and applicable also for organisations working with youth and youth workers. NGO also cooperates with schools and universities to help them to integrate the informal learning methods in in their teaching and study processes.

“Makedonska Platforma Protiv Siromashtija” (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform – is an alliance of associations of citizens who are members of voluntary associations of citizens and individual researchers, with the aim of reducing poverty through the promotion of social justice, participatory democracy, protect human rights, equality, non-discrimination, the rule of law, youth participation and youth activism.
MAPP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan and nongovernmental organization. The process of establishment and operation of the Platform is supported by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM-FV Skopje), by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

“NGO Pro Consensio” (Estonia)

NGO Pro Consensio is voluntary association that works in general-interests with legal and self-employed entrepreneurs. The aim of NGO Pro Consensio is based on cooperation. It is caring, environmentally conscious and secure society. We would like to contribute to the development of civic society, charity, youth work, active healthy life promotion, education, social welfare, integration, crime-prevention.
For achieve the aims of our NGO we involve different target groups; initiate and promote projects, campaigns and others actions; organise conferences, seminars, trainings, camps etc.
Also conduct consultation, research and analyses, have published different, mostly youth work-related, publications. Last but not least we attend in local, regional, governmental and International projects and co-operational collaboration. We have also youth club with 50-60 youth, between 12-30.


Our group consists of 25 university graduates and 10 university students. The group leader is the project coordinator and works as a project manager at the Provincial Directorate of National Education, Research and Development Department. They care about young peoples problems and organize different activities related with topics like unemployment, obesity, disability, alcohol etc.
NGO also do some art activities to make young people active and social and to take them away from bad habits. With the help of our group member, who is art teacher, they organize different kinds of art competition to take their attention and to make young people involved into our projects.

“Aktivno obshtestvo” (Bulgaria)

Active Society Association is a youth non-profit organization that brings together young people united by the idea of promotion and development of civic activism and civic responsibility among youth. The association works to promote European values: human dignity, freedom, demoracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. We are against smoking which kills human life step by step. So we do some seminars to creat awareness againsy smoking. Formed active citizenship and develop activities and initiatives aimed at: the promotion and observance of fundamental human and civil rights, improving quality of life, anti-social phenomena in society, social inclusion of young people in society and their active participation in the processes of making solutions in the country. Encourages young people to control and participation in the management of municipalities, regions and the country. Conduct effective structured dialogue with the state administration in the field of civic participation storage development and investment in the civilian sector.