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During the project informal education methods were used – energizers to keep participants active, international and national group works so they could use English and mother tongue, making videos for improving digital skills, making posters, discussions, brainstorming.

In every  project days evening there was cultural night where every country shared their culture, traditions and food.

One of most important aims of the project was to show the youth how easy is to make fake news to show only what is needed. Participants were split into groups and they had a task- make a video reportage on given topic. Video were made in city next to Struga – Ohrid – and video topics were ”Ohrid – cleanest city in the world”, “Ohrid – dirtiest city the world “, “Ohrid – tourist unfriendly city”, “Ohrid – tourist friendly city”. By working in international groups, using their video making skills, generating ideas about best ways to display the given topic and at the same time discovering new places and communicating with the locals these video were made: