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Sibil, Bulgaria

Everything was perfect. Quite productive and on the point.

Vaelita, Latvia

I enjoyed the whole project as it was, the activities, the people, the nice time together, meeting new people and learning more about media, its influence on society and how different it is throughout europe and outside of EU. Also, learned how much importance to bring on media news and how to know when it is real and when it is not.

Very, very satisfied with the project, its participants, the location, it was wonderful!

Ezgi, Turkey

It was a project full of love and work and we have learnt a lot thanks to the activities. About the project subject, there are big differences among the media of countries. Especially when there are some problems (big ones) about media objectivity, freedom of press etc., it was really a good for us because we had a chance to look at the situation and examine it in our country critically and also to think about the possible solutions. About the friendship and energy of the group, we had really fun, the group was really energic and friendly (maybe they could dance and listen to despacito more :p ) and i hope that we as Turkish participants could presents ourselves well. Thank you for everything!

Orhan,  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

I enjoyed the interactions between the participants, learned something more for the countries involved in this project, of course new words too. Also, this was a project where we shared the actual situation about Media in my and other countries, so, this was really helpful for expanding my horizon on how the Media can affect our daily life with their confusing headlines or fake news they spread.

Kristers, Latvia

I enjoyed the most international group works, cultural evenings, meeting new people and that one day when we went to another city- Ohrid. The place was beautiful, it was refreshing to change surroundings and the task to film a video was super fun!  Also all the meals was fun, cause of random seating.

Häly, Estonia

Since it was my first project I can’t compare it to some others, but I really enjoyed it. Was great to meet with all these amazing people and doing our task in international groups. For me video task was most interesting, so deifinitley keep these ones in projects.