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After Youth exchange in Struga all the participants determined to spread the results of the project and make youth in their own countries aware about media problem, personal data safety in social media and how important is to have critical thinking.

First thing that was done were publications about project in media:

Publicity done by “Makedonska Platforma Protiv Siromashtija” (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia):

Local TV interviewed one of our participants about the project:

Article in local Struga news. 

Facebook post in NGO page about the project.

Publicity done by “Aktivno obshtestvo” (Bulgaria):

Article in Vidin news – Bulgaria

Article and video reportage about project and how important it is to show good news.

Training in Montana Youth center on the subject of MEDIA and fake news on 29.10.2017.

Posters about the project in Montana library

Publicity done by “NGO Pro Consensio” (Estonia):

Article about the project in Delfi. 

Presentations about the situation in media in Viljandi.

Publicity done by IGDIR AB GENCLIK GRUBU (Turkey):

On the first day of university, there was a conference for prep school and as a group Turkish team made a presentation about the project and the situation of media in other countries.

They also applied for  an another project in Turkey and the subjects, aims were really similar. They tried to implement what they learnt in “What they don’t say us?”

Publicity done by “Radosuma pils” (Latvia):

Article on Facebook page of Radosuma pils.

Article in Radošuma pils website.

Website of the project.